Midnight lost and found!

Midnight and Joy

This is Midnight and his mom Joy.  Midnight was taken to the families veterinarian to be neutered and chipped and somehow the veterinarian's office managed to let him escape prior to his procedures.

Midnight was on the run in the Dallas Fort Worth area for eight long days.  The volunteers at Legacy Boxer Rescue along with many other volunteers searched for Midnight in a coordinated effort with his family.

Midnight was very fortunate that he was able to elude being killed in traffic.  He was finally recovered by his family near a creek bed in a local park.  He was emaciated, dehydrated, and covered in ticks and burrs. 

He had several puncture wounds and lacerations on his rear flanks and was bleeding from fighting with wildlife in the park most likely coyotes or bobcats...he was doing as good as could be expected after his ordeal.

I reached out to his mom when I heard what happened and offered to do a complimentary photo session for him.  We scheduled the Pet and Family photo session after his wounds had fully healed.  He is a bit leery of new people now but he did pretty well with me and I even managed to get a kiss or two from him.  ;-)

His family will now have several images, photos, and memories from his photo session with The Boxer Gang Photography.  Midnight is a gorgeous sweet boy with beautiful eyes.

I do love happy endings and being able to capture his smile.  We had a nice time walking around a park in Flower Mound, Texas.

May all of your family members be safe and happy like Midnight and his family.

Best Wishes,