Fostering and giving back!!!

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Are you on the fence about fostering to help an animal in need?  Fostering is one of the most heartwarming and rewarding experiences that I have encountered in my time while volunteering with rescues.  It is another way for me to give back along with the free rescue photo sessions that I provide through my Pet and Family Photography business.

Is it hard work?  Yes, it can be challenging.  Do they require love and attention?  They certainly do and they need structure and help figuring out the family’s routine.  Does it always work out perfectly?  Don’t make me tell you a story, everything doesn’t always work out perfectly.  However, I would rather give it a go and have tried than to have done nothing at all.  Is it difficult when they leave and find their forever home?  You bet it is!  However, I would rather cry watching them leave our home to live a life of joy in a loving forever home than cry because no one came to help them and they died alone, frightened, and sad in a shelter.

In the last 5 years I have had the pleasure of working with a great rescue named Legacy Boxer Rescue.  LBR is located in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas.  They are a wonderful organization that helps Boxers in need of a temporary home before they find their way on to a forever home.  We are on foster #19 with Legacy Boxer Rescue.  Our current foster has been with us for five months and may be here a while.  I don’t tell you this to scare you, I share this so that you realize that they can be with you a while physically but will be with you in spirit and mentally for the rest of your life.

Our average time with a foster has been approximately two months.  The shortest amount of time that we had a foster with us was three weeks and the longest amount of time that we had a foster with us was thirteen months.  Sugar is the foster that we had for thirteen months and I miss her every day.  I don't regret having Sugar here for one minute.  On the upside I get to see her whenever her family goes on vacation.  I tease her forever family that I will start entering them into vacation sweepstakes so that I can see her more often.

If you aren’t sure that you want to foster right away then try volunteering with a rescue or a shelter.  Then if they have something like a temporary foster program or a foster sitter program try that out.  If you like how you feel and want to do more then do more.   Something is better than nothing.   You might surprise yourself and save a life in the process, it might be your life that is saved because you feel again and make a difference.  It will certainly make a difference to the animal you saved.

Best wishes,


Pets and Children in Hot Vehicles: How you can help!!!

Summer Pet and Children Safety

Heatstroke is deadly and our beloved pets and children can die in a very short amount of time when they are left unattended in a vehicle.  What can you do if you see or hear of a pet or child left in a vehicle alone?  Well, there are several actions that you can take.

One of the first things that you can and should do is call for help.  If this is for a pet call the local animal control or the police department to report a pet in a vehicle.  If this is a child call the police department. Tell the person that the pet or child appears to be in distress and is in danger.  Endangering a pet is against the law in many places and this is definitely true for children.

Try to find the parent/guardian of the pet or the child.  Capture the make, model, and the color of the vehicle as well as the license plate.  Go into the nearest store or mall and ask for security or a manager and have them announce it on their loudspeaker system if they have one.  Have them make the announcement as specific as possible regarding the type of pet or what the child looks like and that the pet or child is locked inside the car and is in danger of heatstroke.

Then go back out to the vehicle and check on the pet or child to see if they are still there and in distress.  The guardian may have come by and taken care of the situation already.  If not keep an eye on the vehicle and the pet or child and if necessary help them out of the vehicle if no one arrives in time.

Look up your state and city laws about pets and children in hot vehicles and what you are allowed to do legally.  The best thing you can do is educate yourself so that you are prepared to save a life if necessary.

Stay Cool,


An Arabian photo session in Ponder, Texas

Horse laughing, Ponder, Texas
Arabian jumping for joy, cute pet

This past Sunday, not too far from Flower Mound, Texas, I had the pleasure of doing a pet and family photo session with several beautiful Arabian horses.  These gorgeous horses were very playful and quite affectionate.  Their mom has been working with horses for over twenty five years and she has them very well trained.  It is easy to tell that they absolutely love her.

After they finished jumping around and playing with each other I managed to get a kiss or two from them.  That was my first horse kiss.  The sweet four year old painted Arabian planted the kisses on my cheek.  She is pictured above being silly with her dad after he told her a joke.  ;-)

This was my first family photo session with a group of horses and their human family.  ;-)  I definitely look forward to doing more horse and pet photos with families in the Flower Mound and surrounding areas in the future.  I remember horses being playful from my childhood days but not that playful.

It was wonderful to have so many great memories brought back from what seems like a lifetime ago with my Step-Father and all of his large animal work as a veterinarian.  He practiced large and small animal veterinary medicine for 35 years and I was fortunate enough to make many visits with him to meet and help the animals.

What type of memories of pets and animals do you have from your childhood?  Did you have animals and or pets while growing up or what do you have currently if you are still young and living at home?

What types of pets do you have?  We of course have four Boxers plus a foster Boxer, so five in total at our house.  There is never a dull moment living with The Boxer Gang.

Have a great week.

Best wishes,


Pets on the Hill (Bringing a community together for Rescue Pets)

Great Dane Pet

I had the pleasure of participating in the Pets on the Hill adoption and awareness event this past Saturday in Dallas, Texas.  There were more than seven rescue groups from the surrounding Dallas and Fort Worth areas at the event.

I took over 250 pet and rescue photographs of Boxers, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Pit Bulls, Labrador Retrievers, Yorkshire Terriers, Shepherd Lab puppy mixes, some beautiful cats.  The fabulous animals ranged in age from 8 weeks to 10 years old.

I love being able to give back to the community through my photography business.  I feel honored that I get to provide high quality images to help raise awareness of those in need by capturing their spirit through photographing them and using their images to help them find their forever home.  The animals are looking for homes in the Flower Mound, Grapevine, Dallas, and Fort Worth areas as well as several other cities in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

Have a great week!


Modeling is hard work for a Rescue Pet

Pet Rescue Modeling for a Photographer

This is what happens when you do a Pet Rescue session.  The model gets very tired and takes a nap right in the middle of the Photo Session.  The things that we Pet and Family Photographers have to endure or is it that the models have to endure?  :-)

Ms. Martha was exhausted from all of the modeling and decided that she needed an unscheduled break.  I heard her say something about the Puparazzi being so hard to get away from.

Martha is a Rescue with Legacy Boxer Rescue in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area.  We did her photo session at a local park in Flower Mound, Texas.  She was very sweet and managed to give me a few extra kisses even though I made her sit and look pretty.


Midnight lost and found!

Midnight and Joy

This is Midnight and his mom Joy.  Midnight was taken to the families veterinarian to be neutered and chipped and somehow the veterinarian's office managed to let him escape prior to his procedures.

Midnight was on the run in the Dallas Fort Worth area for eight long days.  The volunteers at Legacy Boxer Rescue along with many other volunteers searched for Midnight in a coordinated effort with his family.

Midnight was very fortunate that he was able to elude being killed in traffic.  He was finally recovered by his family near a creek bed in a local park.  He was emaciated, dehydrated, and covered in ticks and burrs. 

He had several puncture wounds and lacerations on his rear flanks and was bleeding from fighting with wildlife in the park most likely coyotes or bobcats...he was doing as good as could be expected after his ordeal.

I reached out to his mom when I heard what happened and offered to do a complimentary photo session for him.  We scheduled the Pet and Family photo session after his wounds had fully healed.  He is a bit leery of new people now but he did pretty well with me and I even managed to get a kiss or two from him.  ;-)

His family will now have several images, photos, and memories from his photo session with The Boxer Gang Photography.  Midnight is a gorgeous sweet boy with beautiful eyes.

I do love happy endings and being able to capture his smile.  We had a nice time walking around a park in Flower Mound, Texas.

May all of your family members be safe and happy like Midnight and his family.

Best Wishes,