Reflections on having a pet, by Jeffrey Feole

A few days ago someone asked me if I would ever have another pet with the impending loss of Zeus!

My thoughts are as follows:  Do I have a deep sense of loss for my pets when they die?  Absolutely and I equate that sense of loss with the deep sense of love and the bond that was created between us.  If I didn’t feel the loss so deeply then to me it meant I didn’t feel the love as deeply either.  I wouldn’t trade the sense of loss for anything.  I would rather feel deeply than feel nothing.  To me that is what makes me a living breathing caring human.

Do I wish that I had more time with Zeus or any pet for that matter?  Unequivocally and resoundingly YES!!!!!  I would like them to live at least 25 years or longer.  However, they start out perfect so they don’t need to live as long as us crazy humans.  We take forever to get it right most of the time, if we even get it right.  J

Do I let my dogs sleep in the bed?  Let me think about that for a second….really, have you not seen my images of them all in the bed together or sleeping next to my wife in bed.  Heck yes, they sleep in the bed.  They are pack creatures and so am I.

My wife tells me that I am part Boxer.  I tell her not really, I am 99% Boxer and 1% human and like it just the way I am.

Feel free to share any of your thoughts on this.  We don’t all agree so no worries if you don’t agree with me on all of this or any of it for that matter.  This is simply the way that I choose to live my life with my precious family.

Best wishes and Much Love,


Dad to Zeus, Amber, John, Sky, and Foster Dad to Ms. Jennifer (The Boxer Gang)