An Arabian photo session in Ponder, Texas

Horse laughing, Ponder, Texas
Arabian jumping for joy, cute pet

This past Sunday, not too far from Flower Mound, Texas, I had the pleasure of doing a pet and family photo session with several beautiful Arabian horses.  These gorgeous horses were very playful and quite affectionate.  Their mom has been working with horses for over twenty five years and she has them very well trained.  It is easy to tell that they absolutely love her.

After they finished jumping around and playing with each other I managed to get a kiss or two from them.  That was my first horse kiss.  The sweet four year old painted Arabian planted the kisses on my cheek.  She is pictured above being silly with her dad after he told her a joke.  ;-)

This was my first family photo session with a group of horses and their human family.  ;-)  I definitely look forward to doing more horse and pet photos with families in the Flower Mound and surrounding areas in the future.  I remember horses being playful from my childhood days but not that playful.

It was wonderful to have so many great memories brought back from what seems like a lifetime ago with my Step-Father and all of his large animal work as a veterinarian.  He practiced large and small animal veterinary medicine for 35 years and I was fortunate enough to make many visits with him to meet and help the animals.

What type of memories of pets and animals do you have from your childhood?  Did you have animals and or pets while growing up or what do you have currently if you are still young and living at home?

What types of pets do you have?  We of course have four Boxers plus a foster Boxer, so five in total at our house.  There is never a dull moment living with The Boxer Gang.

Have a great week.

Best wishes,